Fixer Uppers Homes

Deck Building Plans Types

A deck is often necessary in a fixer upper home. There are a few deck building plans types to choose from. We will discuss three deck building plans types below. There are also deck railing types, types of deck designs, deck cover building plans types, and other types of deck construction.

Deck Building Plans Types

Three types of deck building plans
Ground level decks

Ground level decks resemble a low platform. Ground level deck building plans are best for plat locations. In addition, ground level decks can be the cheapest way to build a deck for your fixers because they don't need stairs.

Raised decks

Raises deck building plans are usually more popular than ground level decks. Raised decks can be a few feet up or on the second storey of the house. There are the right ways of building raised decks because you want to have a lot of support. Raised decks are lifted high on supports. Raised decks are good for uneven and sloped locations.

Multilevel decks

The third type of deck building plans type is the multilevel decks. Multilevel decks can be 2 or more stories. Multilevel type of decks are connected by stairways or ramps. You often see multi-level decks following the contours of a sloped lot that unifies the multi level deck with the outdoors.