Fixer Uppers Homes

Fixer Uppers

Fixer Uppers are sometimes referred to as just fixers, fixer upper homes, fixer upper properties or other names are just houses that are in need of some of some repair. There are many grades of fixer uppers or fixer upper properties. Some fixer uppers homes only require cosmetic fixing while other fixer uppers homes need major upgrade or renovation.

Who invest in fixer uppers homes?

Usually, when real estate investors invest in fixer uppers homes, they are thinking of rehabbing those fixer uppers and turning them into beautiful homes for sale at retail market values. These real estate investors are rehabbers because they rehab houses. There are real estate investors who invest in fixer uppers houses to flip. They buy fixer upper properties at bargain values and immediately turn around and sell them to rehabbers. Flipping houses does not make as much profit as rehabbing and selling the houses at market value. However, flipping houses is easier than rehabbing. Anyone who has connection with rehabbers and know the real estate market can flip houses, whereas you need to have rehabbing skills to rehab houses as well as know your market so that once your fixer upper home is fully rehabbed, there will be a buyer for it.

Fixer upper properties

Fixer upper properties are all over the place in almost every city. Some cities, there are more fixer properties for sale than there are buyers for fixer uppers. Other cities lack fixer uppers homes because when one is on the market, it is immediately snatched by rehabbers looking to make a handsome profit. In upmarket or hot cities, it is easy to flip houses but most real estate investors would not want to flip houses in hot real estate market because if they rehab the house themselves, they will make ten times the amount of profit they would if they flip that house. Any realtors should be able to help you find fixer properties for sale in the areas you are interested in.