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House Painting Tips

House painting is a skill. Below are great house painting tips and techniques to help you renovate your home. Using the DIY house painting tips below, painting a house will be easier and you wouldn't need to hire a house painting contractor. You will need some house painting supplies depending on which sections of the house your are painting.

House Painting Tips

There is the right way of doing everything and there is a wrong way. The DIY house painting tips below will provide a guide of what house painting techniques you should use when painting a house.

House painting tip 1: Brushing vs. rolling

Some painters prefer brush painting vs. rolling. However, most painters will cut in the edges with a brush, and finish the main body of the wall or ceiling with a roller.

Unless you are doing an architectural woodwook masterpiece, rolling will save a lot of time when house painting.

House painting tip 2: Use the right brush when house painting

The best house painting techniques require the use of the right brush for the job. Each house painter has a favorite brush for painting a house. Use the biggest brush you feel comfortable with. The best house painting brushes are usually no smaller than 4 inch. An angled 2½ -3 inch sash brush will be good for trimming around windows and doors. Also use the right house painting brushes for the kind of paint you are using such as oil paints or water based paints.

House painting tip 3: Learn to handle a house painting brush correctly

Using a paint brush for house painting is not the same as using it to paint a painting on canvas. Many painters grip a house painting brush as if they were shaking hands. A house painting brush should be held as if it's a pencil when the fingers and thumb around the metal ferrule. Holding a house painting brush the right way will help increase speed and precision for the painter.

House painting tip 4: Using a rag to wipe off house painting errors

Don't expect to paint everything correctly when painting a house. You should put a dust rag in your pocket before starting to paint a house. You can use this rag to clear cobwebs and dust in your way of house painting as well as wiping off drops of paints on the wall you are painting before they dry and look bad on your wall.

House painting 5: Paint hooks aid house painting jobs

Paint hooks are especially useful when you are on a ladder painting a house. A paint hook will help secure the paint bucket to your ladder. But, there are different grades of paint hooks. Try not to use paint hooks made of wire or coat hangers. You want sturdy paint hooks to help your house painting job.