Fixer Uppers Homes

House Repair Decisions 

House repair decisions are common when dealing with fixer uppers homes. Deciding if you should repair something can be tough. Most of the time house repair decisions are based on weighing the benefits of repairing and the costs of the repair. Do you really need that house repair or improvements? if so what should you buy for your house repair?

Below are some tips to base your house repair decisions on:

Get multiple estimates for your house repair needs

Always get 2 or 3 estimates before you choose a contractor for your house repair. Many companies give free or low-cost inspections and written estimates. You can compare all the estimates before you decide on your house repair.

Costs, materials and construction methods for your house repair

If you talk to many general contractors, you will be amazed at how many different materials, construction methods and costs there are for any house repair. Once general contractor will have a different idea of how to do that house repair than another general contractor. You will find that you like one construction method or one general contractor more and decides to do your house repair using that general contractor. Different construction methods costs different of course.

Before you decide on a house repair job, compare costs, materials, and construction methods suggested by different general contractors. You should make your house repair decisions based on the needs of your home or your fixer uppers home. Don't trust one general contractor to make the right decision for your home or your fixer upper.

Don't go for the lowest price for your house repair

Many real estate investors fall into the cheap deal trap and find themselves in a real estate scam or a contractor scam. What they think was the cheap bid turns out to be an expensive court case or just a loss of money because of the many real estate scams and contractors scams out there. 

The lowest price is not always the best deal for your house repair. It could mean that the contractor plans to use poor quality materials and the repairs will not last. However, paying a high price for house repair doesn't mean you will get the best quality of work either. The contractor may be ripping you off or scamming you into a real estate scam. So shop around and compare before you decide on your house repair.

Can I afford the house repair for my fixer upper?

You may find a good general contractor and a fair price for home improvements or house repairs. But before you go any further, think carefully about whether you can pay for that house repair job. Don't let someone talk you into buying something for your house repair that you don't need or can't afford.

Many contractors will offer financing or will refer you to a lender to finance the house repairs. However, most house repair lenders or home improvement financing lenders will take a mortgage (called a "deed of trust") on your home. This means that if you miss any house repair or home improvement financing payments, the lender can foreclose on your home and you will lose your home!

Before making a house repair decision, ask yourself, "Am I willing to risk losing my home if I get behind in my payments?" If not, you may want to wait and have the house repair work done later.