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Real Estate Team

When flipping houses or investing in real estate for other reasons, you need to have a real estate team for your investments. When you sign up for a real estate investing course, they will tell you that building a real estate team is the first step towards successful flipping or real estate investing. Some people call it the real estate power team. Real estate power teams are not real estate sales teams or real estate development teams.

Real Estate Team

Build a real estate team for real estate investors

Building real estate teams is very important for real estate investors. Networking is one of the most important aspect of real estate investing. Without a power team, it is difficult to be successful in real estate investing, no matter what you have heard. So, who should be in your real estate team?

  • a network of other real estate investors (when investing in real estate, you are never investing alone. You need to know as many other real estate investors as possible because you never know when you will need to flip a house to another investor, find a buyer or a seller).
  • realtors are key to real estate investing because realtors keep an eye on best investment properties for you. Realtors can also run many valuable reports to help you decide which investment properties are good to invest.
  • appraisers are very important so that you know which properties to invest in, what to improve and how much it will sell after all the improvements.
  • lenders are also critical to real estate investing because with every house you invest in, you will need to find funding and no one wants to use their own money. Everyone wants nothing down.
  • lawyers or real estate attorneys
  • accountants
  • contractors (general contractors and specialized) will give you estimates of how much it will cost to fix a house up therefore you can make an informed decision whether to invest in the property.
  • courthouse clerks can help you locate many valuable documents concerning the properties you are interested in.
  • builders
  • developers