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Signing Contract with Contractors

Contract signing with contractors can be very risky. Before you sign a contract with anyone including the general contractor you like, you should make sure of the followings. You may find yourself a victim of a contractor scam or a real estate scam.

Make sure the contract say what it is supposed to in order to avoid contractor scams

Amazingly large number of contractor contracts do not say what they are supposed to. These contracts are most likely contractor scams.

  • If the salesperson pressures you to sign before you read and understand all of the contract, DON'T SIGN THE CONTRACT! So many contractor scams occur this way. Once you signed that contract, it will be difficult to prove that you are the victim of a real estate scam or a contractor scam.
  • If there is ANYTHING you don't understand in the contract, DON'T SIGN THE CONTRACT!
  • Never rely on the salesperson to explain the contract to you. Get help from a lawyer so you know exactly what you are signing. Don't sign a contract until you read it completely and understand it!
What to do when I have been ripped off?

If you have been ripped off or suspect that you are a victim of a contractor scam or real estate scam, contact a lawyer immediately. There are time deadlines to file claims!

When should I not sign a contract?

Do not sign a contract unless:

  • The contract includes a detailed description of the work to be done,
  • The contract says exactly what materials will be used, including
    • brand name,
    • color,
    • quantity, and
    • the model number of equipment to be installed,
  • ALL of the contractor's promises (including warranties) are in writing.
  • The contract includes the start date, and the estimated completion date,
  • ALL terms of the contract (including the price, finance charges, and payments) are fair, are in writing, and are exactly what you agreed on, and
  • There are NO blank spaces in the contract (that can be filled in later).

Be sure to get a copy of everything you sign - when you sign it!